Rapturous Destinations in Malaysia


If you are searching for some enthralling tourist destinations to book your ticket, then Malaysia will be the right choice. The attractive tourist spots have led the bounding of flights from all across the globe. In case you want to explore the beauty and charms of some reputed destinations, then start packing your bags.

Malaysia, situated in the crown of South-Eastern part of Asia is considered to be a gleaming jewel due to the prevailing uniqueness of the radiance associated with the place. Each and every year, thousand of outing makers from all across the globe visit this place in order to discover and sheer the myriad secrets associated with this particular place.

Ranging from smiling beaches to the mighty skyscrapers along with rewarding shopping fests and exotic marine life; the country has proved to be among the fancy and cusps. As there are many places to enjoy, some of the most reputed tourist destinations in Malaysia include:

  • Langkawi – Langkawi is known to be among the most renowned tropical heavens alluring the desperate scores of tourists. It comprises of an archipelago which is made up of near about hundred islands of Malaysia. You will be stunned to observe that Langkawi is such a place where Mother Nature has been highly gracious with bounties. Some of the amazing features comprised with the place include:

  • Undisturbed sea shore

  • Paddy fields

  • Craggy limestone mountains

  • Lush green pristine and jungles

These spots have lured each and every tourist to such an extent that each and every year several tourists come to quench their thrust. The not to miss spots for tourists in Langkawi tour include Kauh, lake of the Pregnant maiden along with Langkawi Sky Bridge.

  • Penang – Without considering the season, the booking of tickets for Penang will make your tour a memorable one. The collection of finest beaches, gallantry sceneries, enticing collection of handicrafts, legendary temples and other exclusive collections of architecture have made this place highly memorable. One of the finest spots for escapade lovers as it includes Tanjung Bungah and the Teluk Bahang. The energetic fests conducted in those places will leave your mind in the vigorous state of mind. As Penang is known as the food capital of Malaysia, never forget to excite your taste buds with a wide collection of exclusive food items.

  • Kuala Lumpur – The capital city of Malaysia! It is considered to be a replica of prosperity at its best which comprise gigantic towers, world class hotels, electrifying shopping centers along with the glittering entertainment avenues of the city. Also, Kuala Lumpur is the home to some of the rarest collections of man-made wonders which will make your holiday a highly memorable one.

Spellbinding Places in Perlis

Perlis offers a complete touring package for tourists as compared to any other state 
in Malaysia. In Perlis, tourists can enjoy their stay in the natural habitat while 
visiting different places of interest. Tourists from all around the world always look 
for a complete package at a reasonable price whereas Perlis offers its visitors with 
wide range of attractions along with beaches, resorts, hotels, wildlife, natural 
habitat etc. It seems to be the best place for vacation goers where one can find 
peace along with an atmosphere of tranquility. Tourists visiting Perlis with their 
families can stay at some of the exotic places and shop some of the wide range of 
products at lowest price. Perlis is also known as a paradise for shoppers since all 
its products ranging from cosmetics, handicrafts, clothing etc can be bargained at a 
competitive price by the customers. You may also choose to take those luxury 
coach from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for short holiday.
Kuala Perlis is one of the prominent places in Perlis as it attracts tourists from all 
around the globe. It is major hub for ferries leaving for Langwaki & other exotic 
places in Malaysia. Kuala Perlis has developed from a small coastal town situated at 
the delta of Sungai Perlis to modernized shipping town hosting ferries from 
passenger boarding terminals. It is often referred as a fishing town near the coastal 
region. The reason behind increased tourism in Kuala Perlis is due to its prudent 
service of transportation along with facilities for accommodation & multiple finest 
dining restaurants. 
These restaurants in Kuala Perlis offer some of the delicious cuisines such as 
Laksha which is a well admired recipe among the locals. These restaurants are 
known for their seafood along with their pleasant hospitable atmosphere. The 
Laksha has increased to multiple folds due to its delectable taste as it is prepared 
with rice noodles along with spicy fish gravy whose taste rejuvenates the mind & 
creates a sensation on the taste buds. Western tourists who are not accustomed to 
spices can request light nutritious ingredients. The staffs at the restaurants always 
comply with the customer’s request. 
Some tourists prefer to stroll around lakes & relax by seeing the magnificent view. 
While, it is generally said that Tasik Melati is one of the perfect destination for 
vacation seekers or honeymoon goers as they can camp by the lake while enjoying 
food as per their choice. The unique features of Tasik Melati lake are its small 
islands which are scattered all around. The number of these scattered islands 
ranges up to 150 in number. Tourists can walk around the lake through elevated 
walkways. The recreational activities on the lake have always attracted tourists 
from all walks of life. 
Tourists along with their families visiting Tasik Melati Lake can play with their kids 
by the dedicated park situated near the lake while elderly people can walk or stroll 
through the reflexology park which improves their blood circulation throughout the 
body. Most of the families prefer to eat, drink & enjoy with their friends by 
applauding such a fascinating view of the lake. Perlis offers one of the best 
packages for tourists as compared to other states.